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Oil ChangesGetting a quality oil change is one of the easiest ways to get your car driving like new! A good oil change will help your engine stay lubricated and cool, getting you the smooth experience behind the wheel that you deserve! Your motor oil plays an important role in protecting your engine, and without it, your engine runs the risk of overheating, misfiring, and stalling, which can lead to disaster on the road. Protect your engine and yourself with the help of Richfield Service, where our auto experts take pride in getting you the best oil change in Richfield, WI! We offer a variety of different motor oil brands and types here to our customers, so you’re guaranteed to get the right one for you. For top-notch oil changes and more in Richfield, WI, come to Richfield Service today!

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Ideally, you should be taking your car in for oil changes and other auto services at least twice a year, or about every 5,000 miles. Though drivers who frequently haul goods with their vehicle or drive long distances frequently should have their car serviced more often to make sure that everything stays in good working condition. Here at Richfield Service, we want to make sure that you’re getting a quality oil change in Richfield, WI, which is why our mechanics are always here to answer your questions and to provide you with whatever motor oil brand and type will be best for your engine. Whether you need classic conventional motor oil, high mileage for your older vehicle, or a full synthetic or a synthetic blend to get your engine the most protection, we’ve got you covered here at Richfield Service! Swing by our shop today, and we’ll get you taken care of!

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A good oil change will get your car driving as smoothly as the day you first got it off your dealership lot! And with the help of Richfield Service, that smooth drive will last you for many miles to come! Richfield Service offers a lot more than oil changes, so why not get a brake check and tire rotation while you’re in our shop getting your clean motor oil? We’ll even get you a thorough vehicle inspection and diagnostic so that we can make sure you’re getting exactly the service you need, and nothing you don’t. Come to Richfield Service for oil change service and more in Richfield, WI!

Tire Rotation & Oil Changes Richfield WI

The industry convention of rotating tires with every other oil change often led to overlooking this crucial practice, causing irreparable damage by the time the need for rotation became apparent. Customers, noticing premature wear, would express surprise, having recently purchased the tires. They would often attribute this to manufacturer defects, however, tire manufacturers assured that they don’t produce tires with inherent defects causing excessive wear. To address this issue, Richfield Service Inc. implemented a practice of rotating tires with every oil change, resulting in significant improvements. Not only did tires last longer and provide a smoother ride, but the overall vehicle handling was enhanced, increasing safety in all conditions. Moreover, removing the tires for rotation presented a valuable opportunity to inspect the brakes and preempt potential problems. Contrary to some beliefs, tires cannot be rotated too frequently – a practice that further promotes vehicle safety.

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When you need a top-quality oil change in Richfield, WI, stop by and see the crew at Richfield Service! Call today to book your appointment!

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